[FREE]The Complete Android App Development Masterclass: Build Apps

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What you will learn?

  • Full Android app development
  • Java Language
  • Design of modern user interfaces
  • Working with databases on Android
  • Activities and fragments
  • Notification
  • Content providers
  • YouTube and Google Maps API
  • Version Control with Git
  • Publication
  • Practical development of Android apps by creating 4 real-world apps


These are all the benefits of signing up for our full Android App course today.

-We have designed this course to include everything you need to know about developing Android applications in 2020 and beyond.

-We have also designed this course so that you can learn everything you need to start building your Android applications in less than eight weeks.

-Our previous course of Android apps had over 100,000 students, so we have made this course bigger, better, with more apps and even more affordable

-Do you have any previous experience with developing Android applications? No problem. We take you from beginner to advanced and show you how to create real-world Android apps from scratch: you don’t need any previous experience to enroll in our course.

But that is not all!

We believe that the best way to learn by doing. That is why we have to build four real-world applications alongside us in this course! These practical projects will allow you not only to learn by looking but also by doing.

These are some of the projects that you will create in our full master class after cc effects.

You’ll create a sample app first (add more about these and other projects)

Here are all the useful skills you will learn in our full course:

  • Java language
  • Scope user interface design
  • Debugging Android apps
  • YouTube APIs and Google Maps
  • Base
  • Content providers
  • Networks on Android
  • Background Task Management
  • Notification
  • Version control with Git and GitHub
  • Tips for posting
  • Much more

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