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Cabal Mobile is a 3D MMORPG based on popular PC game CABAL Online. Unlike the PC Version, this game is only limited to Korea and Thailand respectively.

Easy tutorial on how to install Cabal M on Android

Yes that’s right, you cannot play this game since its only exclusive to those countries. Not only that, Thailand and Korea are two different servers.

The difference between the two that I found noticeable was the Thailand server had many players compared to Korea Server.

To download the game since it is not available in the Play Store, the easiest would be is:

  1. Go to your Device Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, etc)
  2. In the Search Box type “Cabal M apk apkpure” then search.
  3. The First Link on the Search bar is Cabal M Thailand Server and the Second Link is Cabal M Korea Server
  4. Install the APK and let the Game patches, it will take around 30-40 minutes depending on your internet connection.
  5. You will notice that the game will be stuck on the Welcome Screen. In this procedure, you will now be needing a VPN to play the game.
    1. A VPN with Korea Server (for Cabal M Korea)
    2. A VPN with Thailand Server (for Cabal M Thailand)
  6. When you have the necessary VPN, connect with it and play enjoy the game.

The game contains massive graphics and effects, you need a decent Mobile Device or for Emulator, a powerful Desktop/Laptop for it to run smoothly.

Note: For your VPN Preferences, please click here

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