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This tutorial is a step by step guide for you to fix Epson L210 – this will be our example (any other Epson Printer will do with the right version of the resetter) Waste Ink Pad Counter. The app is called Adjustment Program (AdjProg) resetter. It can reset your Epson printer unlimited times.

Download the program here – FREE

Total Time: 1 minute

Step 1

Double click Adjprog.exe to open up the resetter

Step 2

Click the Select button for the Printer Model to appear

Step 3

Click Particular Adjustment Mode

Step 4

Go over to the Maintenance Category and Click Waste in pad counter

Step 5

Next is click Main pad counter

Step 6

After clicking the Main pad counter, under the menu Click Check

Step 7

It will show the points counter of the printer and then click Initialization.

For the points reached above the Max Points, The printer will prompt “a printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life.” This warning is related to the Waste Pad Counter.

Step 8

Once the Initialization had been clicked, Click OK button.

Step 10

Please turn off the printer and then Click OK

Step 11

The waste ink pad counter as been initialized properly. This message tells us that we have successfully reset the Waste ink pad counter of our Epson Printer.

Final Step

By checking the Main pad counter, you will notice that the points is now back to zero.

Congratulations! You have successfully finished the tutorial on how to Reset your Epson Printer. Please do note that there are different version of Adjustment Program on each Epson Printer. If you have any questions just comment down below.

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