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It’s been a while since the NFT games have become a massive hit to all crypto enthusiasts and especially to gamers worldwide. The change of development in the crypto space where people can earn while playing is a dream come true. Like the Oasis in Ready Player One. I for one a member of these breakthroughs and played NFT games all throughout as far as I could remember.

What is Mech Master

Mech Master has the following features:

  • Strategic Gameplay – 7 races, 8 elements, combined with hundreds of pilots, thousands of pieces of equipment, the possibilities are endless.
  • Trade Market – every item in the game is created by players, from materials found by players. They will become players’ own unique assets which can be very valuable on the trade market.
  • Moonland – the first interactive 3D Virtual World of the Moon, divided into land plots, each represented by an unique NFT.
  • Ranking and Tournaments – Players can battle others and climb up the global seasonal ranking. Top rank players around the world will have the chance to participate in a special tournament at the end of each season for tons of valuable prizes.

Special Feature: Mech Master is also one of the first games to implement AR technology into the game. You can become part of the Mech Master Metaverse by owning a 3D Model of a Mecha, which you can show off by taking photos with your Mecha everywhere, in real life.


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Mech Master came up with a turn-based RPG-style game that will allow players to strategize and utilize all the resources in-game.

  • Battle – Players will assemble a team of 5 Mechas to battle against opponents to earn Mech Tokens. The battle is turn-based, meaning each Mecha will have its turn moving through the map and attacking opposing Mechas.
  • Moon Land – ePlayers can buy pieces of land and develop their own cities on the moon. Build stronghold, factories, barracks, facilities and grow your economies and Mecha army.
  • Mecha Production – Players can use resources(minerals and gold) to produce new Mecha, new equipment and then trade with other players on the Mech Master market.
  • Daily Tasks – Battle other players, get resources, develop your Moonbase, produce new Mecha, and earn money via trading on the Mech Master Market!
  • Dark Matter – a powerful and condensed form of pure energy, and is now widely used in almost every activity on Moon Land, from building facilities, powering Mechas, produce equipments, discover new Mecha skills.

The gameplay is what we are going to expect during the whole Mech Master metaverse. Just by enumerating the planned gameplay, it is really exciting to imagine the vast possibilities on how to enjoy the game.

Team – meet the brains behind Mech Master


What is $Mech Token


The primary utilities of the MECH token are:

In-game Currency: MECH tokens are used as a payment currency in Mech Master’s Universe.

  • Most items in the game will be payable using MECH tokens.
  • Use MECH tokens to build and/or upgrade mecha, land, weapons.
  • Use MECH tokens to enter special events in the Mech universe.

Staking: Become part of the game by staking MECH tokens into pools. Different pools will yield different rewards such as new items, new Mecha, or MECH tokens.

NFT farming: MECH tokens can be used to upgrade Mecha.

NFT renting: MECH tokens can be used to rent Mecha and other collectibles.

Gacha system: MECH holders can use MECH tokens in the Gacha system to receive randomized rewards.

Still not convinced?

Mech Master is a new image of NFT gaming. This is not the same as those who create a project now and update it later. I am to become a victim of that.

Mech Master is an ERC-20 Governance token that is under 3 Major networks: Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkafoundry(Polkadot).

These are all about imagination which the team of Mech Master came into reality. Ever dream of building a robot? Physically yes, we can assemble Model Kits of Gundams and Super Robot Wars. But virtually, imagine the possibilities of creating your own robot; Earn Money by the robots you build. Gain some friends and even show your Mechs in real life. This team will make it happen.

Mech Master is undertaken by GameFi game studio “Mirai Studio” and coincidentally it is their first-ever 3D Turn-based Mecha NFT Game with strategic RPG elements. What could we ask for right?

Lastly, the important part of the project is a roadmap. Ideas, plans, updates, and projections are all thought in a bubble without a roadmap. As organized as the team goes, they have strictly followed their target in their roadmap and they are now closing its 3rd quarter target and preparing for the last quarter of 2021 target plans.

External Links

Website: https://gamefi.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GameFi_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/GameFi_OfficialANN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MechMaster_IO

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/MechMaster_ANN

Telegram Global Group: https://t.me/MechMaster_Official

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZHDfEeQwk5

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mechmaster.io

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