Siege VPN Halloween Event

78 / 100

Trick! or Treat!

In line with the upcoming -spooookkyyyy- holiday, we are glad to haunt you with this amazing up for grab treat.

Premium users of Siege VPN can now access PH Base Server with their account for 30 DAYS without additional fees. With these extra benefit, the user can enjoy the following:

  1. Stream your favorite movie from Netflix without paying extra.
  2. Site restriction which needs PH IP address can now easily be accessed.
  3. Online games can be played at low latency (depends on location and internet speed)
  4. Avoid internet throttle, which by definition, intentional slowing or speeding of an internet service by an Internet service provider (ISP)

How to:
1. Avail a Premium Account for as low as P100php. A free trial is also available.
2. Depends on what device you are using, connect/select “Premium PH (30days).
3. Enjoy!

Siege VPN

How to avail?

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