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Siege VPN Android App – AIO

This is the official android application for Siege VPN. Siege VPN app supports Openvpn and UDP protocols to maximize your android VPN experience.

Download: Playstore | Mirror – do an online update.

Siege VPN PC Application

Official PC Version of Siege VPN – it runs on Windows PC and Laptop (Windows XP to Later). With OpenVPN Protocol that supports Core 2 and Core 3 which users can choose which one is faster.

Note: There is a bug in Windows 10 latest build (1903 above) that cause Network/Internet issue affecting your Network Adapter.

Download: Official ver. 2.8 3/2/21

Siege VPN UDP – PC

Built for gaming! There isn’t much to brag with this piece of software but it’s the capability to deliver an excellent gaming experience while using Siege VPN.

Play your favorite online games without restrictions!

Download: Official ver 2.0

Siege VPN IOS / MacOS

I don’t want to let our Apple users deprived of enjoying Siege VPN. We don’t have an official application that supports apple devices but we have “Configurations” for users to use. It runs with the Official OpenVPN app (Download OpenVPN Connect via Appstore) or TunnelBick that helps you control OpenVPN VPNs on macOS.

Download: IOS Config ver. 2.6 3/2/21

Siege VPN Modem / Router

Did you know that OpenVPN can be installed in your modem? -OR- OpenVPN can be installed and run in your Router?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! Thanks to Jerome Laliag for making it happen. Just follow this basic tutorial on how to install and use it.

Download: Modem and Router Config ver. 2.6 3/2/21

Siege VPN GTM No Load

Siege VPN boasts it’s very own GTM No Load App.
this application is for Android user’s only. It has a unique timer to monitor and to avoid frequent disconnection of your internet connection. Another is that this application is very light in which this is very good for low ram android devices.

Note: This app is in the development stage, it has issues on Android 10 on certain devices like Realme and Vivo smartphones.

Download: Siege GTM or Siege Socks (do online update)

Siege VPN GTM SocksHTTP Config

As much as possible we provide the best user experience to our clients. Thus, we provide you with an alternative solution. GTM No Load Config. It’s a little bit tedious to set up, but not as work up compared to setting IOS Configs. It can support Android 10 Smartphones without any problems.
Watch Video Tutorial here: https://youtu.be/d7n8GtH6zGg

Download: Siege VPN GTM configs ver. 1