Super Typhoon Odette Slams the Philippines

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The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia. Around 20+ Tropical Storm passes in the country does it is considered a typhoon-prone country. One of the notable and considered as the worst is the Super Typhoon Yolanda “Haiyan” which killed an estimated 10,000 people and displaced millions of people around the country.

Around this week, we have hit another super typhoon, Odette “Rai”, with a speed of 200km/h. It is almost identical to Typhoon Yolanda as it tracks the Visayas region.

Below are some of the actual footage when they got hit by Typhoon Odette, photo and video taken from various sources:


As you can see, most areas were devastated. Currently, basic necessity has been cut off like drinking water, electricity, and food. Luckily, we have just experienced heavy wind but less rainfall.

In our province, areas affected experience power outages, heavy floods, damage to properties, and lack of respondents due to lack of manpower to support different areas during the calamity. As the typhoon passes, the aftermath is devastating which was affected the people hard time.

With this gloomy season, hope that all of our avid visitors and as the Typhoon continues its track to other areas that all the people are safe and well. To the rescuers, police officers, health facilities, and front liners you may all be blessed, and may the Lord guide you always.

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