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Android Apps keeps on evolving and upgrading a day . With these apps, it can take your Android device to perform at its very best .

Most devices don’t have apps installed so to urge the foremost out of your mobile , and it needs apps. therefore the question is, what apps should we need? There are plenty of apps to choose from Play Store and to choose which App is required for the device is extremely tedious and tricky. variety of the apps are paid some were free, and a couple of have in-app purchases.

So to help you decide on which apps that you simply simply might like and wish to place in , we are supplying you with a listing of selected apps chosen from the releases on play store.

Without further ado, here is that the list for today’s special

AC Calculator Pro v2.2
AppMgr Pro III v4.99 – arm64-v8a
AppMgr Pro III v4.99 – armeabi-v7a
AppMgr Pro III v4.99 – x86
Astrix – Icon Pack v1.0.6
Athena Icon Pack – Squircle Icons v1.5
Auto Optimizer v7.6.2 build 237
BikeComputer Pro v8.5.4
Buggy Backup Pro v18.8.0
Call Notes Pro – check out who is calling v20.04.2
Capriccio v3.4.8
City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v12.0.2
CRiOS X – Icon Pack v11.7
Cryptomator v1.5.0
DARC [Substratum] v3.2.0
ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form v2.7.0.5 build 325
Flux – Substratum Theme v5.5.7
Flux White – Substratum Theme v4.1.7
Glaze Icon Pack v6.8.0
Griddle Icon Pack v4.1.0
Hipnotize for KWGT v4.2.1
Internet Radio Recorder Pro v7.0.0.0 build 213
IPTV Pro v5.4.2 – arm64-v8a
IPTV Pro v5.4.2 – armeabi-v7a
IPTV Pro v5.4.2 – x86
IPTV Pro v5.4.2 – x86_64
J4T Multitrack Recorder v4.8.08
Jellyfish KWGT v3.3
LED Blinker Notifications Pro v8.0.0-pro build 378
Librera PRO Book reader and PDF v8.3.39 – arm64-v8a
Librera PRO Book reader and PDF v8.3.39 – armeabi-v7a
Linebit – Icon Pack v1.5.2
Linebit Light – Icon Pack v1.3.0
Linebit SE – Special Edition v1.1.2
Liv Dark – Substratum Theme v1.5.9
Liv White – Substratum Theme v1.3.8
Miui Limitless – Icon Pack v5.1
Moon Reader Pro v5.2.8 build 502083
Night Owl – Sleep Coach v1.1.8
Notebooks Pro v6.0
PhotoPills v1.6.6
Pixel Professional – Icon Pack v3.7
Ponydroid Download Manager v1.5.8
QR & Barcode Scanner PRO v2.2.1 build 102
Relay for reddit v10.0.138
RetrOxygen – Icon Pack v3.5
rif is fun golden platinum for Reddit v4.16.1
Shift Work Calendar v7.10.4
Simple Social Pro v9.7.1
Simplit – Icon Pack v1.3.4
Tiny Scanner Pro PDF Doc Scan v4.2.5
Voice Recorder Pro v7.1.0 – arm64-v8a
Voice Recorder Pro v7.1.0 – armeabi-v7a
Volume Control v5.0.0
Weather & Radar Pro – Ad-Free v2020.7.1
Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.9.7 build 121
ZArchiver Pro v0.9.3 build 9346 – arm64-v8a
ZArchiver Pro v0.9.3 build 9346 – armeabi-v7a
ZArchiver Pro v0.9.3 build 9346 – x86
ZArchiver Pro v0.9.3 build 9346 – x86_64

Try it here | Size: 1.64GB

Please do note that all files attached are for educational and personal use only. If you like the app consider supporting the developers

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