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As beginners in website creation or first-time bloggers, creating content is very tedious and we are prone to human error thus, we commit mistakes. For example, creating a Post in your WordPress but you select the Create Page or you have a previous Page Article that you want to convert to Post Article.

An example of a normal WordPress Post Article

For starters, here are the difference between Page and Post:


  • Pages are Static – articles inside the page don’t change or we simply don’t update it too often.
  • Not listed by Date
  • Do not have Categories
  • No Tags
  • No comment and discussions
  • Some Plugins like “Add to Any”


  • Post are articles that are always updated
  • Post are listed in reverse chronological order
  • It has Categories and Tags
  • Post offers engaging discussion under the comment section
  • Have more features compared to Page

How to

To convert Page to Post and vice versa, we are going to use the plugin “Post Type Switcher

Download it here

This plugin adds a simple post-type drop-down to the post editor interface, allowing you to reassign any post to a new post type. It allows you to switch post’s types while editing your post which supports the following combination:

  1. Page to Post
  2. Post to Page
  3. Post to Custom
  4. Custom to Custom

Once the plugin is installed and activated, just go to any Post or Page and under the Left Side of the WordPress, you can see “Post Type Switcher”

Under the Post Type Switcher, you have to option to choose to change to any Post options listed. In our example below, we are going to change the Page into Post

Based on the example above you can see that the Post Type of an article was changed without rewriting the whole content. This plugin will save us time if we have to convert multiple articles.


I would love to suggest adding this plugin to your WordPress bucket list those these tool is very helpful and always come in handy. Share with us your experience during your time using this plugin in the comment below.

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