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I was most looking forward to Solana Ecosystem by Superteam Philippines out of all the blockchain-related events I was a part of. Thanks to its improvements over the last many months, Solana Ecosystem was truly in the spotlight for someone who is actively involved in cryptocurrency and Web3. The public’s adoption of Web3 is bound to happen. An effort by the founders of Solana to establish a community that would attract builders and other talents necessary for ecosystem to thrive. Considering these factors, Superteam was established to provide anyone with the chance to experience what CRYPTO can offer. Picture a global community of people pooling their resources and earn global rates.

Introduction to Superteam Global and Superteam Philippines with Mr. Jeff Caceres © Web33 Bacolod

The Solana Ecosystem Call IRL Party was launched last February 9 in Bacolod, one of the few lucky chosen communities in the Philippines. Attendees were grace with speakers such as Mr. Jeff Caceres, creator of NomadFury, Web3 Bacolod, and Web3 Lounge; Mr. Lester Jun Magbo-o, co-founder of the Filipino Web3 Community Builders; and Mr. Joerald Pepito, co-founder of Web3 San Carlos and Cryptology Academy.

Solana Tokenomics and Usecases, Fundamental Analysis, and Cybersecurity Awareness were the excellent subjects covered. It was then during the event that Web3 San Carlos was formally launched. Superteam Global were introduced and Superteam Philippines are welcomed as a new member during the Ecosystem Call Watch Party, which was the event’s highlight. A panel discussion with the speakers followed.

Giveaways were distributed by the event sponsors to the attendees that are present at the event. A huge shoutout to Coins.ph for the support! Speaking of Coins.ph, I just want to share on how convenient the platform when it comes to purchasing crypto transactions. I mainly use it to purchase cryptocurrencies for use in trading and swapping. As the leading local cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines that offers secured and cheap price for every transaction, I am very satisfied of the service. Plus, I’m taking part in all the promotions they have going on.

Mr. Jeff Caceres discussing on Solana Integration to Coins.ph © Web33 Bacolod

In behalf of the participants, I greatly appreciate the presence of the community leaders and partners who help and support to make the event happen. It is my deepest desire that this would not be the last ecosystem call here in Bacolod. Please accept my deepest gratitude, Solana Ecosystem, and my sincere appreciation, Philippine Superteam.

Thank you!!

Solana and Superteam Philippines

Check this awesome video from Web3 Bacolod highlighting the event.

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