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As announced on their Discord and Twitter Community page. Rewards are given to users who participate in their Loyalty Program. Each participant will be given ySYNC, and can be converted into SYNC Test Tokens. As per announcement it may become live on mainnet but don’t expect anything from it.

As the time of writing, eligible tokens are FRAX, USDT, ETH, stETH and SHIB. Trade between them to earn ySYNC Tokens. Closing time is yet to be announced.

For some information. SyncSwap is a community-driven and user-centric project. We build SyncSwap with user-friendly in mind.

SyncSwap aligns with the mission of zkSync to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty.

The mission of SyncSwap is to bring easy-to-use DeFi and the benefits of scaled Ethereum to more people and help the mass adoption of zero-knowledge technology, Ethereum, and Web3.

How to Participate:

Step 1: Add zkSync Testnet

1. Go to your Meta Mask

2. From the Network dropdown, choose Add network

3. Scroll down and select “Add a network manually”

Enter the following details :

Network details

  • Network name: zkSync Era Testnet
  • RPC URL: testnet.era.zksync.dev
  • Chain ID: 280
  • Currency symbol: ETH
  • Block explorer: https://goerli.explorer.zksync.io

Step 2: Claiming Test Funds

  1. Claim GOERLI ETH tokens on the following list of Faucet sites:

zkSync Era testnet Faucets

  1. https://portal.zksync.io/faucet
  2. https://zksync-faucet.pk910.de/

Step 3: Bridge your GOERLI ETH tokens to zkSync ETH

  1. Go to goerli.portal.zksync.io/bridge
  2. Enter an amount and “Deposit” (Processing time 5minutes the fastest)

Step 4: Swap zkSync ETH to Tokens listed above (FRAX, USDT, ETH, stETH and SHIB)

  1. Go to syncswap.xyz
  2. Switch to Testnet in the top right
  3. Setup the following before swapping:
  4. On the syncswap.xyz/swap page
  5. Go to Settings > Advanced (top right)
  6. Toggle “Disable permit”
  7. Click Settings icon
  8. Set slippage to 30% above (custom)

Step 5: Putting Liquidity

Provide liquidity

  1. go to syncswap.xyz/pool
    1. select the pair of the token listeddeposit equal amounts of tokens
    1. leave some ETH for gas

Step 6: Go to syncswap.xyz/rewards to check your potential rewards

Watch full tutorial here:

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